Mission AreAArte

since 2009 we operate throughout the territory of the Triveneto to enhance museums, artists, art schools and similar institutions by sharing important projects for the dissemination and promotion of art and culture. AreAArte has been able to build and realize important projects with attention and credibility, achieving prestigious goals. Many are the acknowledgments received in these years for the work done and among these the one that made us most proud is the medal conferred to us in Rome in 2012 by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano. The network of cultural institutes affiliated with the AA Card are among the most prestigious in the Triveneto area thanks to a work developed on three principles: Synergy - Meritocracy - Action. We are all aware that culture is a reservoir to draw on, but transforming this heritage through useful operations into growth opportunities requires attention and social responsibility. Thanks to the local companies that share our goals and objectives we can generate shared value through an intervention that is not only a fundamental contribution to sustaining our cultural identity, but also improves and develops the quality of human relations in services with cultural welfare by creating conditions for individual and collective well-being.

AreAArte guidelines and objectives:

- to employ art and culture as a primary and important resource for development
- build and stimulate participation with companies for cultural welfare
- finance cultural and philanthropic projects with sustainability
- develop activities and relationships to promote cultural tourism
- create a replicable growth model in different areas and territories
- more and more collaborative ties with Made in Italy companies and trade associations
- show that culture and art offer job opportunities and new business ideas
- protect what we have inherited and increase its value to leave it as a legacy for the future